Day Trips From London: The Top 10 Destinations

London makes a convenient and effective hub for a whole lot of historic UK sightseeing. Why not build in a short getaway or two?

If London is part of your upcoming travel plans, Cheap deals on day tours from London can enhance your trip significantly. Here are some of the best day trips to consider:


There are plenty of tours from London that devote a day to the iconic monument of Stonehenge. Embrace 4,500 years of British history by exploring this beautiful Neolithic site. Any good tour will teach you a great deal about the realities of the rocks and the mysteries of their purpose. Was it a burial ground? An astronomical tool? A religious site? One thing it definitely is, even today, is a destination worth a visit.


The key attraction in Windsor is, of course, Windsor Castle, the Queen’s official residence. Bear in mind that the town of Windsor is a compelling place to visit, too!It’s always worth comparing used BMW X3 car prices on,there are bus tours with excellent drivers who qualified from The LGV Training Company, boat trips, and many outstanding shops.

The Castle itself stands tall on a wooded hill beside the Thames. Originally built by the Normans, today the castle remains a beautiful and powerful sight to see. Surrounded by vast gardens and built around the unmissable Round Tower, Windsor Castle’s place in the hearts of the Queen and millions of other Britons is easy to explain.


Bath, a city dating back to the time of Roman Britain, perfectly situated for a daylong getaway from London. Many day trip packages include must-see sights like the Roman Baths, the Botanical Gardens, Bath Abbey, and the Jane Austen Centre.

The Romans built an extensive bathing complex and a grand temple here, on the site of Britain’s only hot springs. Naturally, heated water still flows through their baths today. Today the ruins they left behind and countless archaeological treasures have been conserved and presented for the interest of modern visitors.


A day trip from London to Oxford delivers you to the heart of one of the world’s finest university cities. Set just an hour away from the capital, Oxford offers a vast array of attractions. Examples include the Bodleian Library, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Ashmolean Museum, and Christ Church College.


Paris makes an ambitious and fulfilling day trip from London. Hit the world-class shops, unwind at a cafe, or take in the classic sights like the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Great day trip packages include a full slate of activities, tours, and Eurostar return tickets all in one convenient package.

Lake District (+ Afternoon Tea)

A guided tour through the Lake District makes a fun and engaging London day trip amongst some of England’s most beautiful terrain. The tour takes you alongside Lake Windermere, the countries largest, on your way to the village of Hawkshead. A great tour concludes with a full cream tea served at Lindeth Howe, the historic home of Beatrix Potter. This trip lasts 13 hours and 25 minutes.

The Cotswolds

One of the most idyllic weekend trips from London, a tour in the Cotswolds exposes you to beautiful old buildings, rolling green hills, and antique villages and pubs. This one-day tour delivers plenty of gorgeous camera-ready scenes and plenty of opportunities for gentle, relaxing strolls.

Stratford-Upon-Avon81202-640x360-roman-baths-640.jpg (640×360)

A day trip from London to AutoVillage Stratford-upon-Avon delivers you deep in the heart of Shakespeare country. See the birthplace of the world’s most famous writer. An open-top bus tour is a perfect way to see the rest of the town’s sights before visiting Shakespeare’s house.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is a thousand-year-old historical treasure sited in the middle of 500 acres of gorgeous parkland. A day trip from London to Leeds also includes stops at the White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury, and a boat ride on the Thames (Greenwich to Embankment Pier).


Canterbury Cathedral is the prime attraction here, but a day trip from London also gives you plenty of time to explore the complete medieval city. The murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket is just one of the historical turning points that occurred in Canterbury, the historic home of an unbroken string of 104 Archbishops. The cathedral itself is well worth a lengthy visit; with some of its spectacular stained glass windows dating all the way back to the 12th and 13th centuries.