Types of Power Banks

Power banks are wonderful pieces of electronic that have nothing but comfort and reliability to offer. If you didn’t know already, best price come in different types BestBargain and variations as well. Therefore, each type varies in functionalities, features, working, and performance. Also, each has its pros and cons. There is no need to panic though as you only need that one power bank that fulfills your requirements and keeps your device charged.

In this regard, here are the three major types of power banks that you should be aware of.

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  1. Universal Power Banks

Universal Power Banks are the most basic version that started it all. All other types are derived from these general-purpose power banks. They come with rechargeable either lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries. They are compatible with almost all of the electronics with micro USB for charging. They can work with smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other devices.

These power banks are suitable for daily use to charge the variety of your handsets. Their price varies from as low as $8 to $50-$120. The additional price depends upon the capacity and other features that you wish to see. It is your everyday use power bank that is not limited to any specific device. Therefore, its performance and output also vary with distinct devices.

  1. Solar Power Banks

As the name suggests, these power banks are solar-powered and recharge their batteries through solar energy. Their size is larger than ordinary power banks since they have an additional solar panel to save energy. However, they are still portable and small enough to walk around with.

You might have already guessed that solar power banks use sunlight for batteries to recharge. Therefore, they are most suitable to be used in an outdoor environment. They are ideal for outdoorsmen for activities like camping, fishing or hiking where your device keeps getting charged while you mind your business. Don’t worry as solar power banks need sunlight to only recharge the batteries. You can still use them indoor to charge your device.

  1. Battery case

The battery case is another type of power bank that acts as a case for your phone as well. This case comes with a battery inside it that charges your phone. These power banks are much lighter and more portable as compared to ordinary power banks. As a result, you won’t have any trouble carrying it alongside your phone.

A major drawback that these power banks hold is their compatibility issue. They are suitable only for phones so you cannot make the most of it for other devices. Also, they hold much less charge capacity and may be able to charge your phone only once.

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Final Words

These were the three basic types of  power banks with their specifications and use. There are some other kinds as well such that can start your car, charge eight devices at once, have built-in speakers, etc. The list is very long however, you should stick to the one that matches your style and need.