small business idea for teens

Starting a business at any age can be an exceptionally challenging task, but it is even more difficult when you have to balance school, extracurriculars, a social life, homework, chores and plan for your future – yikes! Although it may be tough, starting a business as a teen is certainly not impossible.


One of the more popular options for teens to make some extra money is through tutoring services. You will need to have a certain level of academic achievement and be competent in the subjects you are teaching. There are almost no startup costs involved and as soon as your business starts to get clients, the running costs and overheads (learning materials and fuel) should all be included in your price.

Graphic Designer

For creative teens with a passion for art and all things design, a graphic design business can be an ideal small business to start when you still have schooling responsibilities. You will need a suitable computer, the software and knowledge of how to use it, starting small you may be able to build up a successful business for the future!

Social Media Consultant

Most teens today would consider themselves competent in navigating the complex world of social media, and for companies that are missing the mark with younger customers, who better to market to teens than a teen? There are absolutely zero startup costs and you can start a business that will facilitate you making some very valuable connections in corporations and companies.

Baby/House/Pet Sitting

Another very popular small business idea for teens is a “sitting” business, where you offer to take care of people’s kids, animals or houses while they are away or out for the evening. This also requires no startup costs and can be a very lucrative business if you’re willing to put in the hours!

Online seller

Online marketplaces such as Etsy have made it easier than ever for people to become entrepreneurs. You are able to sell everything from stationery sets to handmade jewelry online. You will need to pay for your inventory and Etsy has a small listing fee and a 5% transaction fee to sell your items, but you are able to reach a huge audience and it can prove to be very profitable.

Vintage clothes reseller

This business will require some time and a good eye for fashion and quality items, but when done right, you are able to sell high quality items for a fraction of the retail price and help to reduce waste and decrease your environmental impact. Your startup costs will include the purchase and cleaning of the thrifted items, but by using an online platform you can maintain low overheads and find a way into the fashion industry.

Music tutoring

If you are competent at a musical instrument, there are almost no startup costs involved in giving music lessons.  There is a chance that you may need to pay for the lesson venue (which is mostly at someone’s home or at a school anyway) but otherwise it is a pure profit business model and an excellent business for teens with musical talent to start.

Freelance writer

Teens with sharp writing skills and good time management are able to freelance writing online and, in most cases, there are no signup costs and no overheads. All you’ll need is a working computer and an internet connection.

Car wash

Cleaning goods, a clean water supply and busy people who want their cars washed is all you need to start this business. You can start small and it’s an excellent way to make extra money in your free time.

Moving assistant

Moving is generally considered to be the most stressful time in someone’s life. If you have good organizational and planning skills, offering this service has zero startup costs and can be an exceptionally profitable endeavor.