Tips To Avoid Limiting Your Employees In Your Open Enrollment Period

Though many businesses have finally overcame a number of the challenges they were faced with throughout the pandemic, the return to normalcy has also posed some unique issues for companies to deal with. HR departments in particular were tasked with identifying ways to ensure open enrollment for their organizations’ health benefits plans at a high engagement rate throughout the pandemic, but now as employees return to their offices, they’re going to need to readjust their strategies accordingly. This post will detail the ways in which a third-party solutions provider can simplify the open enrollment process for your business.

So what are the major differences going to be for these HR professionals now that employees have returned to the office? In the beginning of the pandemic, it was hard to believe that any employee was truly thinking too much about their health benefits. There was a waft of serious anxiety that took over most of the world. It’s much easier to understand why there would be so many employees who would otherwise forget about open enrollment periods and overlook them. Even if employees seem uninterested, every organization must continue to deliver this information to their employees and do their best to enroll them in their health benefits policies.

Rather than struggling to deliver these benefits accordingly, businesses can instead work alongside experienced business process outsourcing providers. These providers offer solutions specifically tailored to increase employee engagement throughout the open enrollment period for their health benefits.

Enrollment Improvement Strategies From A Partner

Providing employees with a mixture of what worked in the past when they were full-time in-office and what worked over the course of the last two years is the best way for HR departments to handle open enrollment. This blended approach, in connection with the help of a BPO provider, can ensure that the employees are receiving all the information necessary to make their enrollment choices. With the help of these partners and their proprietary software and technologies, HR departments will have a much easier time with the entire open enrollment process.

Here’s how an organization could prepare for an open enrollment period: first prioritize sending out digital documents via email filled with the information regarding these enrollment periods. Once distributed, a virtual event where employees will be informed of following steps should be held. These virtual events, in connection with microsites, are great tools to reinforce the information found in the digital materials distributed and encourage employees to complete the enrollment in real time. As employees work to complete their enrollment, live experts will be available to discuss any details necessary via video conference or live-chat. This expert guidance makes all the difference.

Though the information shared within this post serves as a great foundation of understanding for the value that these third-party solutions provide, but there is much more to be learned. For more information on the different types of open enrollment solutions offered by premier businesses in the space, be sure to continue reading on to the infographic paired with this post. The services offered by BPO providers are an excellent way to assist employees in receiving the highest quality of care. Selecting the correct provider for your organization can be tricky, but with Conduent, an industry leader in BPO services, improvement to your organizations’ open enrollment is a guarantee. Searching for additional information on the ways that HR departments can improve employee engagement in the open enrollment process? Take a moment to check out the infographic paired alongside this post.