Antony Starr, the star of the hit Amazon Prime series The Boys, recently shocked fans with his incredible weight transformation. The actor, who plays the role of Homelander in the superhero series, has opened up about his journey to achieve his impressive weight loss goals. Let’s take a closer look at Antony Starr’s weight transformation and the impact it has had on his life and career.

Antony Starr’s Weight Transformation Journey

Antony Starr’s weight transformation journey is truly inspiring. The actor has always been in good shape for his role as Homelander, but he decided to take his fitness to the next level for the upcoming season of The Boys. Starr has been working tirelessly to achieve his weight loss goals, and the results are truly remarkable.

Starr has been following a strict diet and exercise regimen to shed the extra pounds. He has been hitting the gym regularly, focusing on a combination of strength training and cardio workouts. Additionally, Starr has made significant changes to his diet, cutting out unhealthy foods and embracing a more balanced and nutritious eating plan.

Antony Starr’s dedication and commitment to his weight transformation journey have not gone unnoticed. Fans and fellow cast members have been quick to praise the actor for his hard work and impressive results. Starr’s determination to push himself to new limits is a testament to his passion for his craft and his desire to deliver the best performance possible on screen.

The Impact of Antony Starr’s Weight Transformation

Antony Starr’s weight transformation has had a profound impact on his life and career. Not only has the actor experienced physical changes, but he has also noticed a shift in his overall well-being and confidence. Starr’s newfound commitment to his health and fitness has provided him with a renewed sense of energy and vitality, which has positively influenced his work on The Boys.

Furthermore, Starr’s weight transformation has allowed him to explore new opportunities and challenges in his acting career. The actor’s dedication to his physical transformation demonstrates his willingness to continuously evolve and grow as a performer, which bodes well for his future projects and roles in the entertainment industry.

Antony Starr’s weight transformation is a shining example of how determination and hard work can lead to incredible results. His journey serves as a source of inspiration for individuals looking to make positive changes in their own lives, whether it be through fitness, career goals, or personal aspirations.


In conclusion, Antony Starr’s weight transformation is a remarkable achievement that showcases the actor’s commitment to excellence. His dedication to pushing himself to new limits has resulted in a stunning physical transformation that has had a positive impact on both his personal life and career. Starr’s journey serves as a source of inspiration for individuals looking to make positive changes in their own lives and is a testament to the power of hard work and determination.


Q: How much weight has Antony Starr lost?

A: Antony Starr has not publicly disclosed the exact amount of weight he has lost, but it is evident that his transformation is significant.

Q: What motivated Antony Starr to embark on his weight transformation journey?

A: Starr’s motivation for his weight transformation journey stems from his dedication to his role on The Boys and his desire to deliver the best performance possible.

Q: How has Antony Starr’s weight transformation impacted his career?

A: Antony Starr’s weight transformation has opened up new opportunities and challenges in his acting career, showcasing his willingness to evolve and grow as a performer.

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The Boys star Antony Starr has recently opened up about his weight transformation, revealing that he gained 20 pounds for his role in the hit series. In an interview with Men’s Health, Starr discussed the challenges he faced in gaining and losing weight for the role of Homelander, the menacing leader of the superhero group The Seven. The actor explained that he had to undergo a strict diet and exercise regimen to achieve the desired physical appearance for the character.

Starr revealed that he had to consume an excess of calories and protein to bulk up for the role, which was a challenging process for him. He also had to adhere to a strict workout routine, which included weightlifting and cardio exercises. The actor admitted that the physical transformation took a toll on his body and mind, but he was determined to fully commit to the role and deliver a convincing performance.

Starr’s dedication to his role is a testament to his commitment to his craft and his willingness to go the extra mile to bring his characters to life. His weight transformation not only demonstrates his versatility as an actor but also his willingness to push his physical limits to embody the characters he portrays. Starr’s dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, as his portrayal of Homelander has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike.

The actor’s openness about his weight transformation sheds light on the intense physical demands that are often placed on performers in the entertainment industry. It also serves as an inspiration for others who may be struggling with their own fitness goals, showing that with determination and discipline, anything is possible. Starr’s transformation serves as a reminder of the dedication and hard work that goes into bringing characters to life on screen and is a testament to his commitment to his craft.

Starr’s weight transformation also reflects the physical and emotional challenges that actors often face in their quest to fully commit to their roles. The actor’s willingness to openly discuss his experiences and struggles with weight gain and loss further adds to the level of respect and admiration he has garnered from fans and colleagues alike. His openness and honesty about his transformation serve as an inspiration to aspiring actors and individuals who may be facing similar challenges, showcasing the importance of perseverance and dedication in achieving one’s goals. antony starr weight