The Advantages of Using a Website Builder

Having an online presence for a business is pivotal. The sooner a new business creates an online footprint the better. Many business owners hire web designers and developers to design the website for them, however this can be very time consuming and expensive. Many small business owners do not have the time or money to do that, luckily there is a thing like website builders. Website builders have become very popular as they are simple to use, do not require any coding or designing experience, save time and are more affordable. Below we have listed the advantages of using a business website builder.

No Experience Needed

The best thing about website builders is that the business owner does not need any coding or development experience. Website builders have been designed to make the process as easy and user friendly as possible. Most website builders have drop-and-drag functions as well as ready to use templates. Some website builders have ample industry-specific templates and themes to choose from which also makes this quite easy. Business owners can easily build a good, professional, efficient and unique website without needing any experience.

Reduced Cost

A website builder gives entrepreneurs and new business owners, with a smaller budget, the opportunity to launch their business. Using a website builder saves significantly more money than hiring a web designer or developer. Many new business owners launch their websites with a website builder first and after a few months of making profits or getting in capital, use a web designer to do upgrades to their website. This is also not always necessary as one can easily make changes to a website through the website builder.

Saves time

Hiring a web designer or developer to build a website takes time. There are a lot of writing and coding and testing involved which can take hours and days to complete. Website designers most probably have other clients, meaning it could take weeks before a website is completed. Using a website builder saves time in that a business owner can work on it at his or her own time, making changes quicker and getting the final product done.

Stock Images

Certain businesses will need certain images to add to their website. It might be lifestyle images or stock images of their products. It will cost quite a lot to hire a photographer or designer to take the photos needed. Website builders offer their clients a whole library full of stock images, there are thousands of photos and images in a stock library so rest assured you will find the right images for the website. These images are also great to add some uniqueness and change the look of the website if needed.

Media Features

Having a blog or connecting social media to one’s website can be easily done through website builders. This is also a complicated job when developing one’s own website and hard to figure out the coding language.  A good website builder will have these options available and ready by the touch of a button. A business owner will be able to select the type of media they want to add to their site like a blog or any social media platforms. This helps with traffic to the website as well.

Ecomm integration

For businesses who would like to have an e-commerce and online shop this is a great benefit. A website would need a shopcart functionality and a safe way of purchasing items without their personal info being in danger. A good website builder will be able to make this happen. It is easy to integrate and they will have a secure line of shopping. It will also be easier to load up items to the shop for consumers to buy. This way a website will be able to also make profits.


There are clearly many advantages of using website builders, make sure to choose the right website builder for your company and its needs. “Website builders save time, money and irritation,” says TRUiC CEO, Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi “They have evolved to be innovative, easy to use and personalised. It is a great initiative helping small business owners to get their businesses up and running.”