Taxis In Dubai

Dubai is a city of a huge skyscraper, luxury living, and shopping. You should visit here once in your life to enjoy the lavish lifestyle and opulent living. An experience of living in luxury villas, such as the Gulf Villas, Dubai Creek villas, and District one villas Dubai can amaze you. The city, with so much population and visitors, surely requires a good transporting system. Taxis in Dubai are quite usual and cheap. Fourteen kilometres can cost around AED 11. There are places where fares are lower than in Dubai, but if you are coming from the European side you are going to be shocked.

From Airport To Your Hotel

If you are planning to visit Dubai, the first-ever ride you will be needing is from the airport to the hotel. You will probably need a ride from Dubai International airport or Dubai World Central Airport.

You have to be aware of the illegal taxi services, and you must know that a taxi will look like a taxi. Do not be fooled by a random stranger asking you for a taxi ride. These are the unregistered and unlicensed taxis, and you don’t want to get in trouble right? Get in the queue and hail a taxi.

The taxis are meters, you have to pay the exact amount the metre shows, if you want to tip the driver, it is totally up to you. You will certainly not be forced to pay any extra charges.

The charges from the airport to the hotel are a little expensive, as you have to pay AED 20 just for hailing a cab, so it will be AED 20 plus the rent metre will show.

You can also calculate your fare by using google maps and calculating the kilometres of your route, then you can easily calculate the fare by knowing the rate per kilometre.

The calculation will not be accurate, as there can be some glitches and traffic at different times.

There will be an approximation of your estimation. The fare will not be too high from the one you calculated.

Some Actual Numbers

We can provide you with some actual numbers, these numbers can vary a little bit due to the variation in the rates per kilometre but it will not vary too much. The rent for a taxi from hotel Atlantis to Dubai mall is around AED 60.

If you go from the hotel to other parts of Dubai it will be quite reasonable, the nicer hotels have some expensive cars but their fare will be a bit expensive than the standard taxi.

Are There Any Surprises?

If you are going to the neighbouring emirates, like Sharjah. You are going to pay extra AED 20, which ticks over the metre suddenly the moment you will cross the border. If you are keeping a watch on the metre, you will be surprised by the sudden jump on the metre you should ask the driver about it.

If some charges suddenly appear at the metre, you should not pay the charges. You can take a snap of the number plate of the cab and threaten a complaint to the RTA, which is a local government body who checks and regulates all forms of transport in the city. A little threat can 99% make those disputes vanish.

Many females feel uncomfortable travelling alone in a cab with a male driver, so the RTA introduced female-driven cabs. These cabs have a pink hood, if you are a male then these cabs will not stop for you. If you are with your family, then the situation may be different.

There is also a mobile application by RTA to find out the easiest way to find a taxi and calculate the fares. There are three main companies providing taxis.

  • Uber
  • Careem
  • Dubai taxi corporation – official taxis

Dubai is offering its people all the necessities you want to have in your life. It is a city with different cultures and friendly people. The city has some amazing wonders of architecture and luxury living communities, such as Port De La Mer Dubai and Emaar Beachfront. The tourists visit this city every year, who need transport to travel around the city. So, next time you visit Dubai, try the different types of taxis and rate your experience!