Powerful Secrets For Creating An Excellent Workplace


Do you consider your company to be a pleasant place to work? One of the main factors that contribute to getting the best talent/candidates/employees lies with creating a favourable place for all. This gives you an edge over your competition. Outlined below are some of the reasons you should consider making your company the ‘go-to’ environment for all your employees.

  1. It makes the staff feel valued
  2. Encourages creativity hence leading to more opportunities
  3. Low risk of losing your top talent to rival companies
  4. Improved well-being for all
  5. Improved productivity and lower business running costs (fewer employees will call in sick)
  6. Top organisations and corporations already know and understand the benefits of investing in a welcoming work environment.

Facebook, Google, and several other top companies have the infamous ‘campus’ headquarters and workplaces that encourage employees to stay inside the ‘campus’ rather than their homes. This is because they have created an irresistible culture and environment for all here. As fun as it sounds, this encourages productivity as staffs are always available working on projects and such.

You, however, do not have to inject millions of monies to make your company an excellent workplace. All you need to do is be stylish, innovating, creative, and fresh with the office design ideas. Here are a few secrets from a company that has serviced offices in Weybridge.

Offer Employees Irresistible Perks

Why would one want to work for your company? What would make the top talent choose your company over the other? Offering your employees perks that no one else does offer is one of the best ways to get the best candidates for the job. Even the simplest things do count when offering these. These include:

a. Offer free parking space for employees within the city centre
b. Barbeque Fridays
c. Quarterly holidays
d. Incentive-based commission

You don’t need to focus on the big headlines to win top talent over; it is the small things that matter the most. These simple perks in addition to a favourable working environment are what everyone is looking for. Free coffee, for instance, would be an inexpensive investment that most of the workforce would appreciate. Providing healthy snacks for the workforce will also help reduce employee sickness and improve their health. Whatever perks you choose to offer your employees, they should be of benefit to them. These can be either tangible or intangible.

Hire the Right People

You need to look for just the right candidate for the job. You, however, need to identify individuals who are not only skilled on paper but also have a great personality. Such are capable of turning an otherwise dull working environment into an interesting one. The talent and candidates you choose to hire should be able to connect with everyone else in the workplace comfortably.4PYjjVwJ1UdsyRuETsy73ecyYVPyfw1aFA7389LdXjLqRhDiBvb7rvRGab9qNNJvG5btsJMxQ1FDiLH6F612YvXDXefdEAnyfir1fJrSWFG (640×336)

The workforce, and especially the staff, play a huge role in creating an excellent workplace environment. As long as the workforce is culturally and socially integrated, you can then be assured of a positive environment.

Work on The Company Office Space

You need to be creative with the office space to make it more welcoming and easier to work in. With most of your employees spending much of their time in the office, it would be advisable to create an office setup favourable for all. Here are a few ways in which you can create a welcoming and cool office space for your employees.

a. Add some plants: Indoor plants can change the look and feel of an office space
b. Align desks and workstations close to the windows: This enables the staff to take advantage of the natural sunlight, and benefit from it as well.
c. Create social zones and spaces: Have zones that employees can choose to work in. this can be a meeting zone, networking zone, radio zones, and quiet zones too.
d. Hot desks: Make it possible for employees to choose their favourable workstations for the day.
e. Create room for individual pods. These are essentially needed when trying to beat a deadline.
f. Get rid of barriers: Encourage an open office setup.
g. Encourage shared lunchbreaks by creating a breakout space.