Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

Lunch breaks can often seem like an impossible luxury when faced with an ever-growing workload. However, taking an hour away from your desk might be just what you need to re-energise for the second half of the day. Studies show that taking a real break can boost productivity and improve overall performance. Serviced office spaces in areas such as Putney and Shoreditch are brimming with great things to do right on the doorstep so you will never have to waste a lunch break again. Here are just a few examples of how to make the most of that time…

Look Away

According to academics, staring at screens all day is not good for us. Extensive screen time has been linked to lack of sleep, lack of concentration and even physical and mental health problems. London has no shortage of beautiful parks (Wandsworth park anyone?) for that much-needed change of scenery to clear your head – just make sure to leave your phone at the office as well.

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Feel Refreshed

Feeling like you never get enough time for yourself? Use your lunch hour for some me-time. Whether that entails a trip to the barber or hair salon or even a quick shopping trip to refresh your wardrobe, serviced office spaces such as the ones provided by Proper Office in Putney are right on the doorstep of all you could possibly need to return to the office feeling brand new.


Don’t panic, that doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym (although there are plenty of great local ones, should you choose). Just going for a walk and hitting those 10,000 steps a day can help to boost your energy, ready for the second half of the day. Plus, it means no more setting your alarm for 6am trying to squeeze in a run before work!

Get inspired

From exploring the local to street art to admiring the latest Instagram-worthy pop up at Shoreditch station, use this valuable time to try something new and get inspired. A shared serviced office space is also a great environment to meet and connect with different people, so take some time to say hello.

Run those errands

Not the most glamorous on the list, but definitely one of the most rewarding. Whether it is a letter you have been meaning to post or a cheque you need to pay in at the bank, using your lunch break to get those things done means come 5:30pm your checklist is done, leaving more time to explore all that Putney has to offer.

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Still haven’t had time to finish that book you started a year ago? A serviced office space can provide the perfect environment for some much-needed quiet time. Find a nook and indulge in a good book or even use that time to plan what you want to get done for the rest of the day. Just make sure you step away from your desk for at least half an hour.

Located in the centre of vibrant and popular areas such as Putney or Shoreditch, serviced office spaces are the ideal location to expand your horizons during your lunch break or just shelter from the rain with a good book.