New Brand

Having the perfect logo and brand for your startup is what helps set your business aside from competitors, stand out in the market, and attract new customers. Having a brand specialist or graphic designer create a new logo for your startup can become costly, and as a new business owner, you might not always carry the necessary skills or knowledge on how to physically create and build your new brand for your business.

If you’re not a design expert and what to have the perfect logo, using free logo makers can be easier and more affordable.

Having The Perfect Logo

Your new business logo should be unique, authentic, creative, and resonate with both the brand and your startup. Having the best logo or the perfect logo may take some time and finding the right designs can be a tedious process. Things such as color, shape, size, transparency, orientation, and many more are important design elements to consider. That’s why it’s a good idea to brainstorm some design elements beforehand.

Logo design branding: Your logo should sell your business on a visual level, so make sure it’s something that can fit in with the type of service or product you’re delivering.

Logo design colors in a brand: Having a mixture of a different color can become confusing. Some colors represent warm and calm moods, while others are colder and contrasting. Use colors that display your business, and the type of mood you are trying to set.

Logo design accessibility: Make sure your logo and business name are easy to read, ensure your font is eligible, and that it can fit in with the type of design of your logo. Using a font throughout your business also keeps the brand strong and consistent.

Using the TRUiC logo maker can be a helpful tool to help make the design process easier, cheaper, and combine personal connection with both the brand, the logo, and the future of your startup.

Using The Truic Logo Maker

During the design phase there will be an immense number of things to consider, and although you might not be a professional – it’s important to review the following design points:

Text-based logo: If you want your name or text to be your logo, you can consider using the TRUiC logo maker that can assist with the design.

Text and graphic logo design: Graphics and symbols are used in logos to add a visual feature and flair to the logo. For example, using a coffee cup for your coffee shop or perhaps a little house design for a property rental group can be a good idea. Be creative and try to be original.

Icons vs. Symbols in your logo design: Connotate symbolics or symbolism when using simple icons or symbols. An example of this is, a CBD Company’s’ logo will be depicted by a leaf, reflecting that it’s natural and earthy.

Font styles: Having a font that is easy to read, distinguishable, while also being original is important, and this can be easy to do when using a free logo maker or a logo maker tool.

Color sets and variations: Using a plethora of colors in your logo can become confusing and seem a bit messy. Having a base color and working on that can make it easier, while also keeping your logo clean, professional, and uncomplicated.

Internet Compatibility

After designing your logo, and having decided on the various design elements and features that go into it, you will need to ensure that your logo can be downloaded, used on the internet, and isn’t a too large file format.

Conduct A Logo Design Trademark Search

Once you are satisfied with your logo, you will need to do a trademark search on trademark search with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to ensure that your logo isn’t already being used or trademarked. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to conduct a reverse image Google search, and see if there are any similar logos already being used by other businesses.

Once your search has been completed and there are no other trademarked or similar logos, you can start to review trademark registration and how the process works.