The Homelander actor’s height has been a subject of curiosity among fans for a long time. Antony Starr, who portrays the powerful and enigmatic superhero in the hit Amazon Prime series, has kept his height under wraps until now. Recently, his real height was revealed, and it has surprised many fans. Read on to find out more about Antony Starr’s height and the impact it has on his portrayal of the iconic character.

The Height Revelation

Antony Starr, who is known for his role as Homelander in the widely acclaimed series “The Boys,” stands at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall. This revelation has sparked a wave of reactions among fans, as many had speculated that the actor might be shorter due to the imposing presence he brings to the character of Homelander. However, his true height only adds to the aura and charisma he exudes on screen, solidifying his portrayal of the superhero.

Impact on Character Portrayal

Homelander is depicted as a towering and commanding figure in the series, and Antony Starr’s actual height aligns perfectly with this persona. His tall stature adds to the intimidation factor of the character, making him all the more imposing and formidable in the eyes of both the show’s characters and the audience. Furthermore, it showcases the attention to detail that the creators and casting directors put into finding the perfect actor to bring Homelander to life.

Fan Reactions

Following the revelation of Antony Starr’s height, fans of “The Boys” took to social media to express their surprise and admiration for the actor. Many fans remarked on how his towering presence on screen perfectly matches the larger-than-life nature of the character he portrays. Additionally, some fans paid homage to Starr’s ability to embody the role of Homelander with such conviction, heightening the impact of his performance.

Height in Hollywood

In the world of Hollywood, height can often play a significant role in an actor’s career. For male actors, taller stature is often associated with leading roles and a commanding on-screen presence. Antony Starr’s height not only aligns with these expectations but also sets him apart as a formidable presence in an industry where physical presence can make a significant impact on an actor’s career trajectory.

Antony Starr’s Career

Antony Starr’s height is just one of many aspects that contribute to his successful career in the entertainment industry. The New Zealand-born actor has showcased his versatility in a variety of roles, from playing the menacing Homelander to his earlier work in the acclaimed series “Banshee.” His talent and dedication to his craft have endeared him to audiences worldwide, solidifying his status as a versatile and respected actor.


The revelation of Antony Starr’s height has added another layer of intrigue to his portrayal of Homelander and has garnered significant attention from fans and the industry alike. His commanding presence on screen, coupled with his impressive stature, has further solidified his position as an actor to watch. As “The Boys” continues to captivate audiences, Antony Starr’s height will undoubtedly continue to be a subject of fascination and admiration among fans.


Is Antony Starr really 6 feet 1 inch tall?

Yes, the actor’s true height was recently revealed to be 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm), surprising many fans.

What impact does Antony Starr’s height have on his portrayal of Homelander?

Antony Starr’s tall stature adds to the intimidation factor of the character, making him all the more imposing and formidable on screen.

How have fans reacted to the revelation of Antony Starr’s height?

Fans have expressed surprise and admiration for the actor’s imposing presence, with many noting how it perfectly aligns with his portrayal of Homelander.

What other roles has Antony Starr been known for?

Aside from “The Boys,” Antony Starr has garnered acclaim for his role in the series “Banshee,” showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Is height an important factor in Hollywood casting?

Height can often play a significant role in an actor’s career, particularly in securing leading roles and commanding on-screen presence.

homelander actor height
The Surprising Height of Homelander Actor Antony Starr Revealed

Fans of the hit Amazon Prime series The Boys were left stunned when the height of the show’s lead actor Antony Starr was revealed. It turns out that the New Zealand native is much taller than many fans had expected, standing at an impressive 6 feet tall. This revelation came as a surprise to many, as Starr’s character Homelander is often depicted as towering over his fellow cast members on the show.

Starr’s height has become a topic of conversation among fans of The Boys, with many expressing their shock at just how tall the actor is. Some have even taken to social media to discuss their surprise, with many jokingly questioning how Homelander’s height can be explained given Starr’s own impressive stature. It’s certainly an unexpected revelation for those who have grown accustomed to seeing the actor play the imposing and intimidating character on screen.

The revelation of Antony Starr’s height has sparked a renewed interest in the actor’s physical presence and has led to discussions about how his height adds to the portrayal of his character on The Boys. Some fans have pointed out that Starr’s tall stature gives him a commanding presence on screen, which only serves to enhance his portrayal of the powerful and formidable superhero.

Starr’s height has also prompted discussions about how he compares to the other actors on the show, particularly his co-stars who play members of the superhero team, The Seven. Some have noted that Starr’s height makes him stand out even more among his fellow cast members, adding an extra layer of intimidation to his character. It’s clear that the actor’s physical presence has played a significant role in bringing the character of Homelander to life on the show.

The revelation of Antony Starr’s surprising height has added an interesting new dimension to the conversations surrounding The Boys and has sparked a new level of interest in the actor himself. Fans will undoubtedly be keeping a closer eye on Starr’s physical presence on the show, now that they are aware of just how tall he really is. It’s a surprising revelation that has only added to the intrigue and excitement surrounding The Boys and its talented cast. homelander actor height