Dealing With The Dropping Off Charges At Airports

Airport transfers provide a welcome source of work for taxi drivers. The busiest time for such trips is through the summer as that is the time when a larger percentage of people go abroad on holiday but airport transfers are being carried out throughout the year. Obviously, at the moment, due to the pandemic there are nowhere near as many people venturing abroad.

Taxi drivers will often quote a fixed price for airport transfers that will frequently include both dropping off the passenger at the airport terminal and picking he or she up when they fly back into the UK.

When doing so, taxi drivers ideally need to drop off and pick up their passengers as close as possible to the departure and arrival terminal buildings. This tends to involve driving in and out of the drop off and pick up zone at the airport and there is frequently a cost involved in this respect.

The amount charged at the airport can vary and could be anything from say £1 to £4 for a period of 5 to 15 minutes. After the maximum period has passed there is often a further charge.

Ideally, taxi drivers should include such a charge in the price he or she charges the passenger. However, if the passenger has got delayed waiting for their baggage and the taxi Hull driver has driven into the pick up zone, he or she could end up having to pay a higher fee if they go beyond the maximum period allowed by the initial fee involving the taxi driver in additional expense. A potential solution could be for the tai driver to park up their taxi a mile or two from the airport and then the passenger rings them on their mobile as they are coming out of the airport terminal so that the taxi driver can then drive into the pick up zone a few minutes later to pick up their passenger.