Accessible Air Travels & Power Chairs: What to Expect

Humans are not bound to stay in one place. They tend to travel from one point to another for various reasons. All countries, therefore, give citizens the freedom to travel on land, air, or sea. However, people using mobility equipment such as mobility scooters may find traveling and visiting new places challenging.

Air traveling is one of the most challenging means of transport for people with mobility challenges. However, the government ensures that the airline is accessible to power wheelchair users who need air transport.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), together with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), directs all air transport providers within the US boundaries to provide accessible transport services. These services aid physically challenged people to travel alongside their assistive equipment.

Have you been wondering how to travel/ take your physically challenged loved one on vacation? This article compiles the best practices for air traveling with persons who use wheelchairs. Additionally, the accessible services you can get in most airlines are listed here.

Qualities of Power Wheelchair Accessible Airlines

US airports are required to comply with ADA rules while providing their services. However, it is vital to note that some airlines may not provide some services in the list of ADA requirements. Nevertheless, physically challenged people or their caregivers can obtain information concerning the accessible services provided by the airline of their choice. Before the actual travel, contact the airline to confirm the accessible services they provide.

Power wheelchair users can enjoy the following accessible travel services:

  • Parking Services: The parking lots are wheelchair accessible and near the terminal
  • Shuttle Services: quick transport to and from parking lots, hotels, airport terminals, etc.
  • Quick accessibility to security checkpoints, baggage check areas, ticket kiosks, etc.
  • Restrooms: accessible throughout the airport terminal
  • Passenger needs: complimentary wheelchairs depending on individual needs
  • Wheelchair Ramps/ Mechanical lifts: These are ADA-compliant
  • Personal priorities: These include preferential pre-boarding and seating
  • Storage services: Get your power wheelchair and other mobility devices stored
  • Assistance services: Staff are ready to assist you in deplaning, board, and carrying your luggage

Pro Tip: Consult a Special Needs Travel Agent

It is always advisable to consult a special needs travel expert to clear any doubts and get good services. While planning for the next vacation or air travel, ensure you also consult a special needs travel agent. Special needs travel agents provide wheelchair-accessible traveling services.

Their expertise is in the niche of travelers who use wheelchairs. Special needs travel agents provide such services as:

  • Arrangements for advanced booking of hotels, air tickets, etc.
  • Special transportation services: For example, traveling vehicles with wheelchair lifts or ramp
  • Rental services: hire various mobility equipment while traveling
  • Accessible services such as hotels, bathrooms, parking lots, etc.
  • Experienced tour guides who understand how to handle people with mobility challenges

Physically challenged persons are not bound to stay indoors. They can also travel to new places and take vacations with the help of their caregivers. Special needs travel agents also provide vital services, making it easier for electric powerchair users to tour the world.